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Indonesia to send 210 tonnes of waste back to Australia

More shipments of waste are coming back to Australia after Indonesian officials announced 210 tonnes of waste will be shipped back due to contamination.

Authorities have announced they will return eight shipping containers after they found household rubbish, electronics and nappies in the containers, which were meant to hold paper.

The containers are currently in the city of Surabaya, but the announcement on Tuesday confirms this waste is heading back to Australia.

The Malaysian government also announced in May it would return plastic waste from 10 containers to Australia, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China and Bangladesh.

With tensions high between Australia and Southeast Asian countries who are refusing contaminated waste, the Federal government is stepping in to investigate.

In early July, Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environment Management, Trevor Evans, told Inside Waste the government is working actively with other national governments to establish whether there have been any Australian exports that do not comply with Australian or international requirements.

The investigation is ongoing.