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Shampoo containers used to make prosthetic arms in Sunshine Coast

A Sunshine Coast-based company is collecting used shampoo containers to make prosthetic arms for children, which has the Queensland government urging more businesses to support the reuse of products. 

The state government recently released its 30-year Waste Management and Recourse Recovery Strategy plan, which aims to transition to a circular economy for waste. 

The Waste Free Systems company does so by collection used shampoo containers from 45 salons to create the prosthetics. 

“Last week we released the Government’s new Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy, which presents a vision for Queensland to become a zero-waste society where waste is avoided, reused and recycled.

“Waste Free Systems is a great example of how we can embrace innovative ideas to reuse waste, and extract all of the value from products before they are disposed.

“Queensland is generating waste faster than we are growing in population, and this needs to be addressed,” Enoch said. 

Waste Free Systems owner, Bernie Craven, said he set up his company to help well-meaning hair salon and business owners go waste-free and reverse the current trends that are harming the environment.

“We realised that if we reorganise or reimagine the way waste is dealt with in small business we can impact the waste to landfill result in a major way.

“Currently our system is saving 90 per cent of waste from landfill,” he said. 

Craven explained there’s also an opportunity to turn waste into profitable resources.

“Our circular economy is a ground breaking new approach to an age old problem – repurposing the waste to benefit the environment and the people in need,” he said. 

Enoch said people needed to start viewing waste as a valuable resource.

“There are also more job opportunities in recycling than there are in landfill.

“The new strategy, and the waste levy that came into effect on Monday, will allow markets to grow and stimulate demand on innovative products that contain recycled material,” Enoch said.