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EU citizens push European Commission to endorse plastic minimisation initiative

The European Commission has registered three new European citizens’ initiatives that focus on plastic waste minimisation, fighting climate change and growing crops.

The announcement, on July 3, aims to create a more sustainable future, with Europe’s plastic consumption a key target.

The ‘let’s put an end to the era of plastic in Europe’ initiative calls on the European Commission to revise the directive on the impact of certain plastics on the environment with the aim of banning all single-use plastics in Europe.

The initiative aims to ban all plastic packaging and bottles by 2027 so that concrete measures can begin to be put in place to respect the limits of our resources.

Under the EU Treaties, the European Commission can take legal action with an aim of preserving, protecting and improving the quality of the environment. The commission therefore considers the initiative legally admissible and has decided to register it.

The registration of this initiative will take place on July 26, 2019, starting a one-year process of collection of signatures of support by its organisers.

The other two European citizens’ initiatives are ‘a price for carbon to fight climate change’ and ‘grow scientific progress: crops matter’.

The organisers of the climate change initiative call on the European Commission to propose EU legislation to discourage the consumption of fossil fuels, encourage energy saving and the use of renewable sources for fighting global warming and limiting temperature increase to 1.5°C.

The objective of the initiative is to introduce a minimum price on CO2 emissions, abolish the existing system of free allowances to EU polluters and introduce a border adjustment mechanism.

The third initiative asks for a revision of the Directive 2001/18/EC on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) concerning new plant breeding techniques.

The registration of these initiatives will also take place in late July.

European citizens’ initiatives were introduced with the Lisbon Treaty and launched in 2012, with an aim of increasing direct democracy by enabling EU citizens to participate directly in the development of EU policies.