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Single-use plastics banned at Darebin City Council-run events

Single-use plastic items have been banned at events across Darebin as the city’s council adopted a Single-use Plastic Free Events Policy to rid events of disposable items.

The Darebin City Council endorsed the policy in 2018, which has come fully into effect at events run by council and events held on council land, including all council owned buildings, venues and roads.

Under the policy, plastic bags, disposable crockery, straws and balloons cannot be sold or used at these venues.

Since the implementation of the policy, Darebin City Council has developed education resources (including a guide for internal event planners), replacing disposable items with reusable items, engaging with external suppliers and updating terms and conditions for venue and facility hire.

The council has offered portable reusable kits with lightweight cups, plates and cutlery available at smaller events, and attendees of other events where single-use items are banned are encouraged to bring reusable bottles and coffee cups.

Darebin City Council environment officer, Kelly Barnes, said the feedback from the community had been predominantly positive.

“People told us that they were proud to live in a council that was taking action on such an important issue,” Barnes said.

Darebin councillor, Lina Messina, said other councils should consider implementing their own policies to reduce single use plastic items.

“We need a three-tier government approach for any waste management strategy to be successful.

“At Darebin, we acknowledge that consumer behaviour change is an integral component of any waste management strategy. What our resolution has done is highlight what councils can do in their municipality to effect consumer behavioural change,” Messina said.