Open plan recycling can benefit commercial cleaners

Open plan recycling is a philosophy that was pioneered by Method Recycling to bring flexible recycling stations out into the open plan design of modern spaces. It is a complete recycling system that helps users to source separate their waste while saving time, money and resources.

The bins for open plan recycling have been implemented in leading facilities around the world, all with unique requirements, helping them to recycle more and waste less.

Flexible + Adaptable  

Method’s bins are designed to be placed next to each other to form flexible recycling stations and positioned throughout open plan spaces. The company recommends one recycling station per 30-50 employees, or about a 10-second walk. With this, you can introduce and move around the streams required as your requirements change.

You can further improve your results by placing single bins where recyclables are produced, such as an organics bin in the kitchen or a paper bin near the printer.

Design giant Canva introduced Method to grow with the company, as Canva needed a recycling and waste system to achieve some incredible results as they work to have one of the most sustainable offices in the world.

Canva found that “Method’s beautiful bins allow the sometimes daunting task of having four waste and recycling options to be manageable and scalable across our ever-expanding offices”.

Save Time + Money

The communal recycling stations mean fewer bins and liners to purchase and service. This represents a significant amount of time and money saved over the course of a year, as well as, significantly fewer plastic liners sent to landfill.

For example, in an office of 110 you can reduce bins to only nine 60L bins, or three recycling stations instead of 110 desk bins. Meaning you will use and change over 24,000 fewer bin liners over the course of a year. Costing less, consuming less of your time and wasting a lot less plastic.

Further, as you begin to recycle more and waste less the cost of waste disposal will reduce with the rising fees for landfill waste. The container deposit scheme is active in most Australian states now also, creating another way to offset the cost of waste management.

Recycling Out in the Open

Method has found that visibility has been one of the key factors that change recycling behaviours. Ugly recycling bins have often been hidden in cupboards or hard to find, leading to people using convenient landfill bins. Comparatively, when users approach a recycling station they are provided with a variety of recycling options as well as landfill. Reminding people to consider where their waste should go and making recycling easier and accessible.

Further, as they are out in the open it increases accountability as users are more likely to consider where their waste should go, even subconsciously, when others can see them.

Specially Designed Features + Accessories to Aid Cleaners

Method has designed accessories to complete the system making it easier for users and cleaners. The Precyclers are desktop waste storage for paper, recyclables and waste before it is transferred to the nearest station. They are a useful tool to help users to transition from desk bins and are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

The Heavy Duty Connectors are engineered to seamlessly lock bins into place side-by-side, to a wall, or back-to-back meaning bins are always where you need them. You save time moving them back into place every day, particularly in high traffic areas.

The Method system has been successfully implemented in a variety of facilities meeting their unique requirements. From stadiums such as the Sydney Cricket Ground to co-working spaces such as The Office Group, open plan offices like Xero, and renowned British architecture firm Foster + Partners.