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Independent advisory to give Vic government guidance on recycling infrastructure needs

Infrastructure Victoria will advise the Victorian government on the necessary infrastructure required to improve recycling and resource recovery efforts in the state.

The government is seeking advice on how to better support the development of Victoria’s reprocessing sector for recycled material, particularly those that currently rely heavily on overseas markets such as plastics. The government also wants to better enable the use of products containing recycled materials in a variety of Victorian industries, such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture, and improve resource infrastructure for organics, particularly food organics.

Advice will also be sought on better supporting a waste-to-energy sector that prioritises the extraction of recyclable material and recovers energy only from the residual waste.

Infrastructure Victoria CEO, Michael Masson, said the request for advice comes at a time of significant change for the waste industry in Victoria.

“Recent changes in the global market for recycled products mean there are flow-on impacts for how Victoria collects, sorts and exports waste,” Masson said.

“With these changes, come both challenges and opportunities. We are pleased to be able to explore these as part of our advice to the government.”

As set out in the terms of reference, Infrastructure Victoria will undertake comprehensive engagement with industry, the community, local government and other key stakeholders. It will draw on interstate and international comparators and research, and develop its own modelling and analysis to develop the advice.

“Hearing from industry, local government and the community will be essential,” Masson said.

“We will build on the substantial amount of work that already exists or is being progressed to support Victoria’s waste management and will ensure our advice takes account of community attitudes and expectations.

“Over the coming weeks we will provide further updates on our program to develop the advice and opportunities for people to get involved,” he said.

Infrastructure Victoria aims to deliver the advice to the government by April 2020, with an interim report expected in October 2019.