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Envorinex officially opens soft plastic recycling plant in Tasmania

Recycling company Envorinex has officially opened their second soft plastic recycling plant at Bell Bay – the first in Tasmania – which is expected to process more than 1,500 tonnes of soft plastic a year and will represent a doubling of the company’s workforce with nine new permanent jobs created.

The plant will take used plastic and turn it into new products, including a new line of fence posts that will become available this year. The process waste plastic from industrial, commercial, aquacultural and horticultural sites; taking materials like silage wrap, fishing rope, plastic bags, ground sheet covers, plastic film and shrink wrap.

“We’ve been collecting the waste plastic for the past three years, so we are ready to go,” Jenny Brown, Envorinex managing director, told the Tasmanian Examiner.

“The line can process 500kg an hour. That’s a lot of plastic, especially when you consider the fact that the soft plastic we’re talking about is basically weightless.”

The $1.47 million expansion was partly funded by a $736,223 grant from the Federal government.

According to Deputy Minister Michael McCormack, the grant was an investment in Tasmanian business.

“By turning waste products into a range of agricultural and industrial goods such as fence palings, posts, rails, roadside safety products and anti-fatigue and industrial-use matting, this ingenious project exemplifies the kind of innovation our regions are famous for,” McCormack told the Tasmanian Examiner.

“This is a big win for skilled jobs in northern Tasmania. The plant also results in basically no waste itself.

“Organic cast-offs from the collected plastics are used by potting mix manufacturers, and the water used by the factory is 100 per cent recycled.”

The government funds for the plant came through the £222.3 million Regional Jobs and Investment Package.