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WMRR national president Garth Lamb re-elected

Garth Lamb has been re-elected as the national president of the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR).

All members were invited to submit nominations, which closed on April 5, 2019, with Lamb as the sole nominee.

In a statement, WMRR said it is pleased to announce that Lamb will continue as the national president, after two years in the role.

It will be his final two-year term, which commences on May 8 at the 2019 AGM in Sydney.

WMRR CEO Gayle Sloan said WMRR’s profile has grown over the years through the efforts of its members and the board.

“Garth has played a pivotal role in ensuring WMRR maintains positive and productive relationships with our stakeholders during an exceptionally challenging time for our essential industry,” said Sloan.

“Those who have met Garth will know that his tireless efforts and passion for our essential industry, and the work that he does as president of WMRR has played a part in cementing the association’s role as the national peak body for the waste management and resource recovery industry.

“We are pleased that he will be continuing on as national president for a second term, ensuring continuity and stability for WMRR as we continue to tackle the various challenges head-on and drive our sector forward,” she said.

In addition to Lamb’s reappointment at the AGM, the updated constitution will also be adopted, and the CEO will offer an overview of WMRR’s operations in 2018.

Financial WMRR members are invited to the AGM, either in person or via teleconference. The event is taking place at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Registrations to the event can be made here.