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Waste Reform Advisory Group to direct waste policies and legislation in WA

An advisory group, tasked with providing direction on waste policy and legislation, has been set up as part of the McGowan government’s continued push to improve Western Australia’s recycling and waste management.

Following the recent release of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030, Environment Minister Stephen Dawson has established the Waste Reform Advisory Group to help inform the future direction of waste reform in the state.

This new advisory group will continue the work of the Waste Taskforce – convened by the Minister as a response to the enforcement of the China National Sword Policy – and be the ongoing mechanism to ensure up-to-date information on waste matters is maintained.

It will provide advice on the direction and development of waste policy and legislation in WA, including the key reforms outlined in the state’s new waste strategy and the Premier’s priority waste target announced as part of Our Priorities.

The Waste Reform Advisory Group will be chaired by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s director general Mike Rowe, and will include representatives from the Waste Authority, local government, peak industry and resource bodies, community groups and non-governmental organisations, and material recovery operators.

“The Waste Strategy 2030 sets out objectives and strategies to improve waste recovery and recycling performance in WA – and the Waste Reform Advisory Group will support implementation of the strategy across a range of waste issues,” Dawson said.

“The Waste Reform Advisory Group’s first task will be to consider an issues paper to guide legislative reforms to encourage the use of waste derived materials.

“I am keen to ensure legislative and policy reforms are developed collaboratively and fit for purpose to ensure we deliver outcomes in the long-term best interests of the state, the community and industry.”