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Bondi’s Biggest Beach Clean-Up aims to empower through active change

The inaugural Ocean Lovers Festival is taking place at Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach from Thursday, April 11 until Sunday, April 14 and aims to empower visitors to create active change and help protect Australia’s beaches and oceans.

Over four days, festival goers can enjoy a wide range of activities focused on ocean conservation and sustainable living – including live entertainment, art, photography and film, workshops and much more.

As part of the festival, visitors can register to participate in Bondi’s Biggest Beach Clean-Up, taking place on Saturday, April 13 from 12pm until 1pm. The event, hosted by global recycling company TOMRA, will give people the opportunity to get involved and see the positive impact the community can have on the environment.

The event is free and open to everyone, with the first 100 sign-ups receiving a free TOMRA/Take 3 tote-bag.

Tim Silverwood, environmentalist and TOMRA ambassador, will join the beach clean-up, and guide participants through the types of litter collected and how they can dispose of it responsibly or, in the case of beverage containers, recycle it in a continuous clean loop way through a reverse vending machine.

“We are truly excited to be part of Ocean Lovers Festival and help support Bondi’s Biggest Beach Clean-Up, kicking off at North Bondi Surf Club,” said Ryan Buzzell, TOMRA Australia president.

“We hope through initiatives like this more people will be inspired to help reduce the problem of beverage container litter by returning them to a reverse vending machine, which we believe gives those containers the best chance of staying in a sustainable recycling loop and out of our oceans.”

Visitors will also have the opportunity to view Australian environmental artist, John Dahlsen’s works at his ‘Waste No More’ exhibition, sponsored by TOMRA, which is open now and will run until Sunday, April 14 at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery.

“I am focused on creating artworks that have the ability to share my messages for the need to care for our oceans,” Dahlsen said.

“This exhibition raises awareness for the fragile state of our environment, while also highlighting the beauty behind our plastic waste when reused in creative ways.”