Waste & Resource Recovery

Sheridan closing the loop with launch of new recycling program

Australian bedding and homewares company, Sheridan, have launched a new in-store recycling program at its three Perth studio stores where customers can return any branded old quilt covers, sheets and towels.

Over 500,000 tonnes of leather and textiles are sent to landfill each year, and through the new Sheridan Recycling Program, the items will instead be repurposed into new products that will be sold across Sheridan stores later in the year.

The new initiative offers customers a closed loop, sustainable solution and as an added incentive, Sheridan is also offering 10 per cent off the next purchase for customers who partake in this environmental initiative.

According to Paul Gould, group general manager at Sheridan, the company is excited to lead the way, and that, this is just the start of larger things for the brand in this space.

The recycling program initially will go on from February 20 to March 20 in order to understand the volume of materials that will be returned before a larger scale program can be rolled out.

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