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SKM resumes accepting material at Laverton North site

SKM Recycling’s Laverton North recycling plant will now resume accepting materials after Victoria’s environment watchdog announced that the site had now met the conditions of a notice, which saw the plant shut down over concerns about stockpiles posing a fire hazard.

SKM’s Coolaroo site, which was also issued a notice last month to stop accepting waste, remains shut and will not be able to accept waste until it’s deemed compliant by the Victorian EPA, while SKM’s Geelong plant recently reached capacity last month.

These closures forced some councils to send reusable waste to landfill, which has sparked a parliamentary inquiry on the recycling crisis the region is facing.

“The closure of the SKM sites was a decision taken to protect the community from the risk of a major fire. The EPA will not allow a repeat of the 2017 Coolaroo fire,” said Cathy Wilkinson, EPA CEO.

“The recycling industry had ample time to become compliant with the state’s waste management policy and safety could not be compromised. We will continue to inspect the Laverton site to ensure it remains compliant with outdoor storage requirements.”