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Landfill levy waived for bushfire victims

The Andrews Labor government has waived the landfill levy to help Victorians in the east recover from the recent bushfires.

Lily D’Ambrosio, minister for energy, environment and climate change, announced that the EPA will work with landfill operators and councils in fire affected areas to apply the exemption.

Local landfills will be able to apply for the exemption for bushfire waste through the EPA and will not charge the fee to people who drop-off eligible waste. The waiver covers bushfire waste only and applies to the levy component of the gate price.

The Labor government is supporting impacted communities to rebuild and get through these difficult times over the next few weeks and months ahead.

“We’re doing what we can to help those affected by these devastating bushfires – so they can focus on getting back on their feet,” D’Ambrisio said.

“People cleaning up after a devastating event like this one shouldn’t have to face a fee for doing it – waiving the landfill levy is one way we can help communities recover.”