Waste & Resource Recovery

Public drop-off network established to divert coffee capsules from landfill

L’OR and Moccona coffee lovers can now sign up to be public drop-off locations for their community and help divert even more waste from landfill, thanks to a recycling program run by L’OR, Moccona and global recycling pioneers TerraCycle.

Since February 25, Australians have been able to sign up to be a public drop-off location for L’OR and Moccona coffee capsules as part of the L’OR and Moccona Capsules Recycling Program.

Additionally, to encourage participation in the program, the best 50 collectors to sign up and state in 25 words or less why they want to collect on behalf of their community will win a prize of a L’OR branded glass and three packs of L’OR Espresso. Each prize is valued at $26, with a total prize pool equalling $1,300.

The L’OR and Moccona Capsules Recycling Program allows Australians to collect and free-ship their used coffee capsules to TerraCycle, who recycles post-consumer waste – such as used cosmetics, toothbrushes and cigarette butts – into durable new products like park benches, playgrounds and garden beds.

The program also allows collectors to earn donations toward a school or charity of their choice. By sending in shipments over 5kg, collectors will earn $0.02 per capsule towards their nominated school or non-profit organisation.

“Our aluminium capsules are designed to preserve the coffee aromas and freshness,” said Justine Callens, L’OR brand manager.

“The launch of our public drop-off network is the next step in providing a recycling solution to our customers and diverting as many of our products from landfill as possible.”

Once collected, L’OR and Moccona capsules are shredded to separate the coffee grounds from the aluminium. The aluminium is then melted in order to be remoulded to make new recycled products.

“TerraCycle is excited to launch the public drop-off locations for L’OR and Moccona coffee capsules and tackle the coffee capsule waste issue head-on!” said Jean Bailliard, general manager of TerraCycle Australia and New Zealand.

“By keeping these products out of landfill, Australians are saving the environment and helping TerraCycle to eliminate the idea of waste.”

TerraCycle is a UN award-winning recycling company that, across 21 countries, converts traditionally non-recyclable waste into new durable products. So far, TerraCycle has diverted 3.7 billion pieces of non-recyclable waste from landfill and incineration worldwide, with some 64 million people collecting waste in its free recycling programs.

For more information about the L’OR and Moccona Capsules Recycling Program or to sign up to be a collector and public drop-off location in the program, visit the TerraCycle website.