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Thala Beach officially gives single-use plastics the boot

Thala Beach Nature Reserve Resort has officially removed all single-use plastic bottles, take-away coffee cups and straws from across the resort.

The move comes as the resort continues to drive toward becoming a community leader for eco-tourism and environmentally-conscious initiatives.

Wade Bowen, Thala Beach sales and marketing manager, said the decision to remove single-use plastic items from the resort is in line with the business’ ethos.

“Single-use plastic straws went some time ago, but the coffee cups were a bit of a tough one because we take a financial hit,” Bowen said.

“A lot of people are used to getting their morning coffee in a to-go cup and a lot of them haven’t moved on from that. KeepCups are more popular now but are not used across the board.

“We are trying to take as much single-use plastic out of the operation here as possible and it will be an ongoing task along with other initiatives down the track.”

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Australia produces three million tonnes of plastic a year but only 12 per cent of it is recycled.

“Thala Beach is perfectly positioned to be a community leader for eco-initiatives in the region. This decision just fits for us and is part of a wider evolution,” Bowen added.

“We are fairly slow in Australia to embrace eco-thinking, where if you look at Germanic markets, for example, environmental impacts are part of their buying decision.

“What we aim to do is give a gentle nudge to people to be more aware and things more thoroughly whether a place or product is eco-friendly.

“Thala Beach has a reputation for being eco-friendly and it’s all the name of securing the future of the region. Long-term it’s all about looking after the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. It’s an evolution.”