Australian businesses called on to help Clean Up Australia

Australian businesses are being encouraged to sign up for Clean Up Australia’s 2019 Business Clean Up Day to help launch a world-record attempt – with the charity working with Guinness World Records to create a category for the most employees engaged in an environmental activity at any one time.

Terrie-Ann Johnson, managing director of Clean Up Australia, said the charity aimed to use 2019 Business Clean Up Day as a platform to launch its formal record attempt in 2020.

“We encourage all Australian businesses, regardless of size, to rise to the challenge to help formalise this as an official entry in Guinness World Records,” Johnson said.

“This year will be our trial run, so we need lots of participants to demonstrate that 2019 Business Clean Up Day represents the best global performance of employees taking action to protect their local environment and help clean up litter before it pollutes our precious parks, bushland, waterways and oceans and kills our wildlife.

“We need to demonstrate that our systems can measure the outcomes and provide accurate evidence to prove that we reached the participation levels we claim. This will establish a formal way for others to challenge our record, encouraging even more environmental activity.”

According to Johnson, Clean Up Australia founder Ian Kiernan, who passed away at the age of 78 last October, was a firm believer that everyone needed to take responsibility for looking after the environment.

“Ian was a competition ocean yachtsman and would have loved the opportunity to break a world-record,” Johnsons added.

“So come on Australia, get your work colleagues together to take up the challenge to make 2019 Business Clean Up Day bigger and better than ever, in honour of Ian and setting the benchmark for a world-record in the process.”

Businesses can register as a Business Clean Up site, or become a Business Supporter, Business Ally or Advocacy Partner.

“Australian businesses are in the perfect position to be role models for the rest of the community and be seen to take action and play their part in caring for the environment. Change starts with you,” Johnson concludes.

The 17th annual Clean Up Business Day takes place on February 26. Interested business can sign up here.