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Local Litter goes global

The NSW EPA have announced that it is moving its flagship Local Litter Check tool online, which is a free tool for people in the community, councils and other land managers to assist in understanding and designing solutions for local litter problems.

The tool is described as a series of steps that guide users to gather evidence about site characteristics and litter behaviour in a local litter hotspot, such as a park, beach or bus stop. Using Salesforce software, users do a physical count of how much litter is in the area, enter the information and a data aggregator, then helps them to determine what action should be taken to tackle the local litter problem.
EPA Litter Prevention Unit head Rupert Saville said the digital move would help more community members join the battle against litter, calling it “a perfect match” because it was also paperless.
“The format may have changed but the tool stays the same – a physical count of litter, together with a site assessment and community surveys are still the best ways to gather evidence to understand and solve a local litter problem,” Saville continued.
“Our system now consolidates this data in the one place to help us know what’s happening with litter across NSW. It will enable even more corners of the community to prevent litter and work towards the Premier’s Priority of reducing litter volume by 40 per cent by 2020.”
To use the Local Litter Check online tool, users would need to be a registered user and logged in. The EPA says that the tool is easy to use and provides “quick and accurate” data for before-and-after analyses and is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. In addition, the paper form will remain available as a backup.
The Local Litter Check has been a part of the EPA’s litter grant program for five years and has enabled grant recipients to detail their specific litter problem and track the effectiveness of their intervention program.