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Nespresso expands new boutique concept to WA

Nespresso is bringing its immersive new bean-to-cup store concept to Perth, with the launch of a new-look boutique in the Forrest Chase Shopping Centre on February 8, replacing the existing Murray Street boutique.

The new store concept allows shoppers to explore the journey that Nespresso undertakes to bring their customers high-quality coffee reflecting their commitment to sustainability and a circular economy.

“As the retail landscape continues to evolve, it’s important that we provide our customers with an innovative bricks-and-mortar experience,” said Loic Rethore, Nespresso Australia and Oceania general manager.

“The Forrest Chase Boutique centres on a simplified and holistic customer journey through carefully sequenced areas that celebrate our unique coffee story.”

The boutique contains tabletops made from recycled coffee grounds, wood that has 100 per cent been sourced from Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) trees, technology to conserve energy and water and a capsule recycling collection point.

The boutique also features lush greenery spaces embedded with coffee plants and foliage to mimic coffee plantations part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program.

“Recent research found that Western Australians are more likely to buy from companies invested in sustainable sourcing,” said Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso coffee ambassador.

“The new boutique architecture allows us to tap into this passion and showcase Nespresso’s ambition to become the world’s most sustainable coffee brand.

“It’s a choice we have made to allow our customers to get a closer understanding of the brand and experience the bean-to-cup journey themselves.”