Waste & Resource Recovery

New service aims to help Qld pubs and hotels profit from CRS

A new service has been launched to help Queensland pubs and hotels to benefit from the state’s Container Refund Scheme (CRS), according to a report by Australian Hotelier.

Return-It QLD is encouraging pubs and hotels to collect beer bottles, beer cans and soft drink containers in its ongoing bid to improve recycling in Queensland. Meanwhile, pubs can look to profit by taking part, while manifesting and substantiating their sustainability and eco-friendly credentials.

Return-It QLD provides a recycling service to reduce waste management costs and reward venues and customers for their efforts. The initiative has been designed to provide an easy way to return containers, while helping the environment and the community.

“As major sellers of bottles, cans and other drinking containers, pubs are in a great position to raise additional funds by returning eligible containers through Return-It QLD, and for every bottle returned they can collect a 10-cent refund or choose to donate it to a worthy cause,” David Singh, Return-It QLD CEO, told Australian Hotelier.

“We have some fantastic charity partners including P&Cs QLD, the AEIOU Foundation, LifeLine, Vinnies, Bloomhill Cancer Care, the Salvos, among others who have all been able to use money provided through donations to improve their service offerings.

“We know a lot of pubs and clubs also support their local community and might have their own causes that the refund amounts can go towards.”

Since the CRS was launched, Queenslanders have already recycled more than 100 million containers, with more than $10 million in refunds provided to Queenslanders and Return-It charity partners within the first two months of launch.