Circular Economy

Borealis launches EverMinds communication platform for circular economy solutions

Borealis has introduced the launch of its new communication platform EverMinds, with the aim of heightening the visibility of plastic circularity and promoting a more circular mindset within the polyolefins industry.

EverMinds aims to streamline all Borealis circular economy related activities in order to boost its impact and bring about familiarity with the topic.

“It’s the dawn of a new era for the industry. The sooner we adapt a genuinely circular economy mindset the better, for our own business growth, for the benefit of our customers, and for greater society,” said Alfred Stern, Borealis CEO.

“It’s not good enough to just think about new solutions in the circular economy. We have to actually implement them in practice, because this is what truly circular thinking is about.”

“EverMinds is a smart approach to inspire people to be more mindful of the circular economy by considering the entire lifecycle of polyolefin-based products,” added Gunter Stephan, head of Borealis Circular Economy Solutions.

“Just as important, the platform will enable us to take concrete action together with our value-chain partners to implement the principles of the circular economy on a wider scale in our industry.”