Circular Economy

Festivals Edinburgh working towards a more sustainable future

Festivals Edinburgh is set to lead in helping to create a more sustainable future, having partnered with Circular Edinburgh in a bid to pinpoint ways in which festivals can turn its waste streams into opportunities by embedding a circular economy approach in its operations.

Circular Edinburgh is a joint initiative delivered by Zero Waste Scotland and Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. The work is supported by funding from the Scottish government and the European Regional Development Fund.

Circular Edinburgh delivers a program of knowledge sharing events, workshops and roundtable discussions to promote the circular economy to local businesses.

Most recently, Festivals Edinburgh and Circular Edinburgh delivered workshops that showcased the city’s key sectors and the opportunities for the circular economy, looking at exploring solutions to challenges in the waste streams typical of Edinburgh’s festivals and events.

Production, marketing and catering materials make temporary cultural events in urban centres possible, however, they also generate significant amounts of waste. By adopting a circular approach, a stimulus for creative innovation is created allowing for waste to be turned in wealth.

A number of solutions for Edinburgh’s festivals were explored during the workshops, including the use of reusable cups and compostable and bioplastic food containers, using apps or QR codes instead of producing brochures, and implementing reusable bags made from costumes of other events and old textiles, amongst other things.