How Truckweigh’s overload warning system can help your business

If you’re in the waste management business and you don’t have an onboard payload monitoring system on your vehicle, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced waste management transport operators in the world are sometimes guilty of relying on luck and chance when it comes to loading their vehicles. Despite the fact that there are so many proven benefits of using truck weighing technology, it is surprising how many operators continue to prejudice the success of their business by not taking advantage of these highly accurate and reliable systems.

If you fall into that category, you’ll be paying more on vehicle maintenance, more on fuel and more on operating costs. You also run the very real risk of transgressing road safety laws and incurring expensive fines or licence endorsements and it’s highly likely that won’t be optimising your loads. All of this effectively means that you’re running an inefficient business – yet a simple, efficient and economical truck payload monitoring system can change all of that.

Let’s look at Truckweigh’s overload suspension payload monitoring system and see how it can dramatically improve your business.

Optimises payloads

If your vehicles are consistently under-loaded, it’s money down the drain. However, the efficient and reliable technology of a Truckweigh system means your vehicles will be loaded correctly every time so that you collect the added revenue.

Prolongs the life of vehicles

Good asset management is critical to business success, so it makes sense to prolong the life of your vehicles. If a vehicle is incorrectly loaded or overloaded, it puts undue stress on the vehicle resulting in premature wear and tear. Conversely, correct axle loading will help to reduce wear and tear on parts, tyres, suspension systems and so on meaning your assets will be in better condition, will hold their value and will last longer.

Reduces operating costs

Optimum loading of vehicles will also help reduce ongoing maintenance costs and contribute to reduced fuel bills.

Enables operational efficiencies

Because the TruckWeigh system is fitted onto the vehicle (important to know that it can be fitted easily and quickly onto both new and used vehicles of any size or description), the loads are weighed immediately. This eliminates any unnecessary time and manpower and because there’s no need for driver input, the entire payload management process can be streamlined even further.

Ensures legal compliance

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation is a big issue for the transportation and logistics industry and no business can afford non-compliance. Financial penalties are significant, licence endorsements can be inconvenient and costly and of course, there’s the very real safety risk when overloaded vehicles are on public roads. The Truckweigh system is highly accurate and offers both axle and gross overload protection with an audible or visible alarm – thereby protecting everyone along the CoR, as well as innocent road users.

The system is neither complicated nor expensive to install and operate, and because it has no moving parts, it’s virtually maintenance free. It provides fully accredited results which is an added benefit for those operators needing legal-for-trade weight certification and is built tough to withstand harsh operating environments.

The Truckweigh truck overload and payload monitoring system makes a valuable contribution to the safe, efficient and economical operation of any commercial vehicle and is widely used throughout Australia in many different industries. It is available from AccuOnBoard, Australia’s leading – and largest – supplier of weighing systems.

Mark O’Leary is the national marketing manager at Diverseco – a privately-owned, Australian-based investment and management company that oversees and provides corporate services to its portfolio of assets, many of which specialise in measurement, automation, packaging, software, engineering and fabrication.

O’Leary is responsible for managing the strategic and operational marketing functions for companies in the Diverseco group. He has extensive experience in the research, development and implementation of sales, marketing and communications plans, budgets, campaigns and programs for companies across a wide range of industry categories.