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Aussies ‘uncertain’ with what happens to kerbside recycling, according to report

New research commissioned by Planet Ark has found many Australians are unsure what happens to their kerbside recycling, with almost half believing it mostly goes to landfill.

“China’s waste import ban hits Australia and our population and waste levels continue to rise, this year’s National Recycling Week is more important than ever,” said Ryan Collins, Planet Ark’s recycling programs manager.

“This year, Planet Ark is encouraging Victorians to reboot their perspective on recycling in the most important NRW since it was founded 22 years ago.”

According to the most recent National Waste Report, Victoria produces an around-average 2.6 tonnes of waste per capita and has the third highest resource recovery rate at 69 per cent.

“That leaves some room for improvement, and residents, businesses and organisations around Victoria can help by taking control of their own recycling journey and discovering the many elements of recycling that lie outside the public eye,” Collins said.

“Nearly all Australians recycle and think of themselves as conscientious recyclers, but many residents want to know what happens once the wheelie bin is emptied from kerbside.

“Planet Ark’s research – conducted by Pollinate – revealed that despite 71 per cent of people being confident in knowing what can and can’t be recycled, 61 per cent would still like to see more information on these topics.

“This year’s NRW theme, From Waste War to Recycling Reboot, aims to resolve some of the confusion surrounding how to recycle right and what happens to our recycling once it has left our hands.”