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Komatsu’s latest heavyweight

The behemoth is powered by a Komatsu SSDA18V170 engine rated at 2610 kilowatts. According to Komatsu Australia national product manager mining Kris Burford, the engine provides the lowest brake specific fuel consumption at rated wattage for this class.“The same engine is also used on Komatsu’s 930E-SE dump truck, a higher power version of the 930E, and which has logged more than 250,000 hours in mines in Australia, North America and Chile – proving the reliability of this engine in the field,” he said. Loading tools matching the 960E-1 include Komatsu PC8000 hydraulic shovels and excavators, and electric rope shovels such as P&H’s 2800XPC and 4100XPC.As with other Komatsu super haul trucks the 960E was designed and developed by Komastu America Corp. It is being produced at the Peoria Manufacturing Operation in Illinois for mines worldwide.Burford said that since the introduction of the 290t capacity 930E in 1995, Komatsu had enjoyed market leadership in this size truck, delivering more than 650 units worldwide.“Based on the high customer evaluations, feedback and acceptance of our 930E, Komatsu developed the 960E,” he said.Also part of the thinking behind the super hauler’s development was the fact that mineral demand is expected to continue unabated and that miners will want to boost productivity. “The 960E is designed to be the right machine for such mines looking to increase size and productivity,” Burford said.“Before being released to the market, the 960E was tested for more than three years in coal and copper mines.“In addition to demonstrating high levels of reliability, the 960E incorporates key customer requirements for mining trucks including higher payloads, increased productivity, more power, enhanced fuel economy, easier operation and better cab comfort.”The 960E is equipped with Komatsu’s Vehicle Health Monitoring System as a standard feature. That allows remote real-time monitoring of key component status and operating conditions of the truck.