Imports challenge local dominance

These attachments are used as much by recycling yards as by contractors onsite.Walkers Hammers reports that Sandvik shears and pulverisers are being used in Victoria on machines from 5t to 80t operating weight, by contractors such as the Delta Group, Rafferty the Wrecker and City Circle Demolition & Excavation.Walkers Hammers also represents the Ramtec Robi hydraulic grabs, MB hydraulic jaw crusher attachments for excavators, and the Finmac radio remote-controlled demolition machine, providing a comprehensive range of equipment to suit the demolition and recycling industries.Atlas Copco is a relatively recent entrant in the demolition attachment market in Australia but is now gaining acceptance. Its CC-combi cutter range is well known internationally, with its CAPS coupling and positioning system allowing the cutter jaws to remain linked even after they are removed from the attachment. This and a special guide system allow the jaws to be readily reattached onsite.The Atlas Copco attachments are regarded as generally heavier in construction than locally made attachments. High speed valving allows fast cycle times, while jaw wear parts are readily replaced without welding.Like most of the major European suppliers, Atlas Copco offers a slewing option on its attachments. This makes it easier for the operator to position the attachment regardless of the orientation of the boom to the work.Equipment Component Holdings (Melbourne) has had some success with the French Arden brand of demolition attachments that it imports. The Arden range includes rotating hydraulic pulverisers, shears, grabs and universal processors, and mechanical pulverisers and shears.Embrey Attachments (Pakenham, Victoria) is unique in being both a manufacturer of demolition attachments and a distributor of the world-renowned Stanley-LaBounty range of attachments.Embrey manufactures both mechanical and hydraulic attachments, with different users having different preferences. David Embrey says that on a 20t machine a hydraulic attachment is generally required to generate sufficient force, whereas on a 30t or 40t excavator the force from the bucket crowd ram of the excavator can be sufficient for a mechanical linkage attachment to be used.The latest addition to the Embrey range is the wide jaw variant of the ECP hydraulic pulveriser range. The wide jaw pulverisers have an extra row on the top and bottom jaw, and a different action to the standard hydraulic pulveriser. On the wide pulveriser, the initial force is concentrated in a single tooth in the central row of the upper jaw, maximising the breaking force. Another feature of these pulverisers is that the cylinders are reversed so that the barrel extends with the moving jaw, reducing the possibility of the rod being damaged by the material being processed in the jaw.Meccanica Breganzese, an Italian company with headquarters in Breganze, a small town in the Province of Vicenza, has got the world talking about its excavator-mounted crusher buckets.The company was started in 2001 and says it has not slowed down since.United States MB importer Giberson Enterprises recently won a contract that will require using a fleet of MB crusher buckets on a US Army housing project. The project, which will be completed in 2011, will involve the construction or renovation of more than 2000 houses for military families. MB president Guido Azzolin said the project was a great source of pride for the company.“We were already aware that our product was highly technological, but who would have thought people would be talking so much about us?” he said. “Who would have thought back in 2001 that the entire world media would be talking about our company, our highly innovative product – so innovative that it would one day be working for the American army?”

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