Give the little guys a go: CCF

The CCF says that in the past, councils have put out contracts for tender as one large project, denying access to the contracts by smaller contractors. To deliver the money quickly, it says, contracts need to be packaged more equitably.Councils must spend their allocation before the end of this financial year. CCF national chief executive Chris White said the money was a good down payment towards urgently needed capital works, especially in rural and regional Australia.“How the projects are rolled out by local councils and shires will be critical to meeting the government’s goal of providing a stimulus to the economy in the short term,” he said. “We don’t want to see this process get tied up in red tape – the government wants the money to go quickly into the economy and we will be looking to see that this happens.”White said keeping the money local was the key to really delivering on the ground.“Our members, many of whom are local employers, already play a vital role in their communities, often on a voluntary basis, in grading the local football ground, sealing the netball courts and helping to maintain amenities,” he said.

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