German-designed beam lifter joins Kennards hire range

The new beam lifter is lighter and simpler when compared to traditional models and is utilised to manoeuvre steel beams during the construction of houses, unit blocks and factories, according to Kennards.The unit, which is also available at some Kennards Hire branches, can boost beams weighing up to 600kg to a 3.05m height.Compared to traditional lifts that weigh around 137kg, the new beam lifter is 51kg lighter and can fold into a compact size.Additionally, the beam lifter has fewer moving parts than traditional models and no cables or wire rope. A worm drive elevates the arm.“The load holder at the end of the arm rotates so that the beam can be swung around to fit through doorways,” Kennards said.In other beam lifting news, AAP has reported that a man working on the Eastern Busway project at Woolloongabba in Brisbane died yesterday after his legs were severed when a large concrete beam fell on him.The worker’s legs were amputated and firefighters used airbags and hydraulic equipment to lift the beam and free him, the report said.AAP said the officers performed CPR on him before he was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital where he died just before 5pm (AEST).

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