Bingo Industries has reportedly withdrawn its application for a recycling facility in Helensburgh, 45km south of Sydney.

Last year, Bingo made several acquisitions, including two Blackwell businesses, one in Helensburgh and the other in Kembla Grange. While Bingo had indicated that its focus would be on the latter, it said the major projects application for Helensburgh would remain active.

However, the Illawarra Mercury reported last week that the application would now be withdrawn, with a Bingo spokesperson telling the newspaper: "Bingo Industries [has] re-confirmed it would not be progressing with a development application for the Helensburgh site, currently closed, while the company considers its option.

"As previously stated, Bingo has invested in the redevelopment of Kembla Grange into a world class waste and resource recovery centre to service the local community. 

"The Kembla Grange site is now operational at significantly expanded capacity which enables the company to process higher recycling volumes in the Wollongong region."