The Institute of Public Works Engineering (IPWEA) has welcomed a new president.

Matthew Greskie.

Matthew Greskie, CEO of Dulverton Waste Management in Tasmania, which won the Waste Management Association of Australia's 2017 Landfill Excellence Award, has been named the institute's new president, after being IPWEA's vice president and chair of the Audit and Risk Committee for the past two years.

"I feel quite humbled to be taking on the stewardship of this highly respected organisation for the next two years," Greskie said.

"Our International Division is going ahead in leaps and bounds, and we are highly regarded by the Federal Government through our leadership of the Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) programme.

"Our finances are in great shape and we have an excellent management team at the helm."

Greskie also paid tribute to outgoing president Ross Goyne.

"Ross was without equal when it came to being a passionate advocate for IPWEA. The end of his term as president concludes more than 30 years of IPWEA involvement. He has done more than could be asked of any president and we are indebted to him for his leadership and vision during the past two years," he said.

Greskie said his vision was to ensure that IPWEA continued to strengthen its industry leadership and financial standing as well as address the issues faced by public works practitioners in their delivery of essential infrastructure and community services.

He added that "a great deal" still needs to be done for industry here and internationally.

"Fortunately, our region is held in high regard around the world for our asset management professionalism. The US, Canada, Scandinavia and more than 12 other countries use IPWEA's asset management systems and training," Greskie said.