Renewable energy business Redback Technologies' co-founder and managing director Philip Livingston has joined as the newest member of the Australian Power Institute (API) Board of Directors.

Philip Livingston

Redback Technologies' focus on the development of advanced low-cost solar power is in line with the API's vision to build a sustainable, agile energy future.

With its mission to provide high quality engineering graduates to the energy industry, the API is looking to Redback Technologies to reinvigorate its initiatives and encourage new energy innovations.

Livingston said he is thrilled to be supporting innovation and education in the smart energy sector through API.

"As the industry transitions to renewables and solar adoption continues to increase across the country, it is important to ensure this sector has a pipeline of highly skilled professional work force," Livingston said.

"We take it as our duty at Redback Technologies to aid in building the cleantech ecosystem to drive increased employment and competitive advantage for both Queensland, as well as greater Australia."

In addition to Redback Technologies' appointment to API's Board, the company also announced it has sponsored a University of Queensland initiative - the UQ Computing Society, which encourages engineering students to be actively involved in the new energy industry.

Redback Technologies will be sponsoring Computing Society initiatives such as hackathons and seminars, and is actively seeking out interns to work within Redback during their studies, which will give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-life use cases. 

"We've already seen strong success in bringing University of Queensland students into Redback, with a number of graduates choosing to take up positions as full-time employees," Livingston adds.

API's chief executive Mike Griffin said that after seeing a flattening in power engineering graduates, the Board is looking to Redback Technologies for some fresh thinking on how they can attract and support students entering the industry.

"With job opportunities stabilising from the large energy providers and the Distribution and Network Service Providers, the Board is seeking Redback Technologies' input to open up new opportunities and educate graduates on the alternative options that are now possible and already out there," Griffin said.

"Bringing renewable energy perspectives from Redback Technologies will ensure the API continues to provide a sustainable supply of power engineering professionals with contemporary skills capable of transforming our energy future."