Flip screen boosts recycling

The council said the addition of the Flip Screen to the council’s recycling equipment meant more recycling could be done and less material was going to landfill. Using a patented inward-spiralling screening action, the attachment does not shake or vibrate when operating, which ensures the longevity of the carrier machine. There are Flip Screen models available to suit excavators weighing between three and 50 tonnes, wheel loaders of 7-35 tonnes, as well as a range of skid steers, backhoes and telehandlers. The screen sizes available range from 17mm up to 300mm and can be changed in less than four minutes by just one person. Albury City Council has chosen the WL180 model Flip Screen (which has a 100mm screen size) to suit their Volvo 110 wheel loader. In this guise, the Flip Screen can also be used to mix soils and mulch, which can be used for onsite capping and rehabilitation purposes. In addition to the 100mm screen, the council also has 50mm and 25mm screens for applications such as screening crushed concrete, top soil and various onsite gravels.

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