First water PPP for WA

WA Treasurer Troy Buswell said a PPP was the best model to deliver parts of the Mundaring Weir Water Supply Improvement Project. “It will drive value for money for water consumers by creating greater incentives for innovation and by cost-effective risk transfer to the private sector during the project life,” Buswell saidThe PPP component of the project will comprise the water treatment plant, a new pump station, and pipelines.Other components, including upgrades to existing pump stations and the weir itself, will be managed by the WA Water Corporation.Buswell said the treatment plant, pump station and pipeline would be handed back to the corporation in full operating condition, within 35 years.He said the project methodology was consistent with Infrastructure Australia PPP Guidelines and WA government jurisdictional requirements as developed via the Council of Australian Governments.Buswell said the Mundaring project was more evidence of the government’s commitment to offer a suite of PPP opportunities throughout 2010.“We are actively pursuing public private partnerships where they offer value for money and are in the public interest,” he said.

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