Exclusive: Zoomlion releases new concrete pump

The pump unit is mounted on a DAF FAD CF85.430 truck and has a 43m, five-section Z-fold boom that allows it to set up in confined spaces. The pump has a theoretical output of 150 cubic metres per hour and theoretical output pressure of 8.5MPa. The boom provides a vertical reach of 42.6m, horizontal reach of 38.3m and depth reach of 30.1m.Pumping efficiency is claimed to reach 80% of theoretical output, and the computer control is claimed to assist in achieving high fuel efficiency.The boom is made from high strength Swedish steel. Pressure compensation and load-sensitive variable speed proportional control are features of the boom, and cushioning technology used in the distribution cylinder is claimed to reduce stress on the boom.Dellgale has appointed Robert Daniels as its concrete products representative, and Daniels has a long history of operating concrete pumps. Zoomlion also builds HG series tower-mounted concrete placing booms (there are 10 operating in Australia) and HBT series trailer-mounted concrete line pumps. Zoomlion built its first truck-mounted concrete pump in 1977, and has provided the standard for concrete pumps in China. Zoomlion bought a majority stake in well-known Italian concrete equipment manufacturer CIFA earlier this year.

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