Excavators perform at great heights

Peter Gleeson, from project contractor Inside & Out Demolition, said the excavators – supplied by Kennards Hire in South Melbourne – were light enough to meet the roof rating but powerful enough for the demanding work.The excavators were moved to the rooftop in the casino’s 10t goods lift.More than 2000 square metres of gardens on top of the four-storey building had to be removed so that new air-conditioning units could be installed.The excavators dug out the 40cm deep gardens and stockpiled the material before a Kennards 8-series skid steer loader ferried it to the rooftop edge where a 1.5t excavator loaded it into a chute. “We moved 800 cubic metres of soil, 70 cubic metres of green waste, and 50 cubic metres of rubbish in 10 days,” Gleeson said.“That was good going given the state of the gardens and the fact that it was slow work loading the chute through the narrow opening.”Gleeson said the company’s 4t machine was too heavy to perform the task and its 1.5t excavator was good for loading the chute but was not strong enough to break up the root systems.“The gardens were planted 12 to 15 years ago and the roots were interlocked and like mesh, but the 3.5-tonne excavators were excellent – they have more than enough power for that size machine,” he said.

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