Ex-Dingo boss returns

While it is not clear whether the rest of the company board had remained in place, Briggs certainly has a long history with the company. Briggs built the first Dingo mini loader 17 years ago, and said he would provide stability and strong leadership to Dingo Equipment Australia. “We will continue to incorporate the latest developments in industry technology into our Dingos to ensure they are the most technologically advanced mini loaders available,” Briggs said. In 1991, Briggs purchased manufacturing rights of the original machine, which was effectively a hydraulic wheelbarrow. In 1993, he incorporated the wheelbarrow into the Dingo 950 mini loader. The first Dingo, a 950, was exported to the US in 1995, and by 1997 the company was exporting one shipping container full of the machines to the US each week. In 1999, the company began exporting the machines to Europe, Africa, South Pacific and Asia and in 2000, overwhelming demand in North America led to the company setting up a factory in the US. Dingo could not by the time of publication to confirm current membership of the company board.

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