Equipment aircon in focus

Chris Smith, owner of Cool Auto Electrics in Clermont, central Queensland, said he makes use of a machine called Flushworks, which is made by the Canadian company Cliplight.Smith said flushing a system to ensure it is not contaminated with build-ups of oil and debris can maximise its effectiveness, reduce its energy use and ensure owners get optimum life out of a system instead of having to face a huge bill for a new one. The machine utilises a closed loop automotive air conditioning flush and purge system designed to remove all contamination from air conditioning systems after system failures and during major services, eliminating commonplace repeat repairs and restoring the heat transfer performance of components to original specifications. “I have used Flushworks in more than 30 different applications, including flushing the air conditioning system on a 150-tonne water truck in a mine,” Smith said. Flushworks’ Australian distributor, GO Distribution, said Smith had used the system on a Hitachi excavator, D10 dozer and a Hyundai loader. GO Distribution said the system used a closed loop pulsating scrubbing action to ensure thorough component cleaning that eliminated harmful particles caused by compressor failure, desiccant failure and residue from overheated lubricant.

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