Don’t quarry, be happy

Since 1997, Atlanta-based Francois & Co has been making antique-looking Scagliola Stone fireplace mantels, range hoods and architectural accents. To make its signature Scagliola Stone, Francois uses a blend of crushed travertine, limestone or marble, which allows near-identical replicas of quarry stone to be made without disturbing diminishing rock quarries.In addition to the eco-friendly Scagliola Stone, Francois also makes hand-carved mantelpieces made with reclaimed limestone, again utilising already available materials to avoid environmental demise.Francois said it was continuing to create new and innovative ways of reducing the amount of natural resources consumed while maintaining the highest standards of quality and beauty. The company said it also made a point of participating in various green projects such as environmentally friendly display homes, and also participated in the construction of the Eco-Manor in Atlanta, the entirely green private residence of Laura Turner Seydel, daughter of US media mogul Ted Turner.

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