Ditch Witch drill to enhance productivity

The company says its slant-faced drill bit has changed the industry, because it enables HDD operators to steer the drill head. A patented dual-drive pipe system permits the unit’s drilling and steering functions to be operated at the same time, Ditch Witch said. JT3020 All Terrain functions include steering, drilling and back reaming OF up to 198 metres in all soil types. A heavy-duty anchor system enables the unit to be secured to most surfaces, the manufacturer said. “The JT3020 All Terrain also features an industry-exclusive double-pivot drill frame that allows steep entry angles, without raising the tracks off the ground, for maximum stability while drilling,” Ditch Witch said. An electronic beacon helps the HDD operator keep track of the drilling head. “This design enables the JT3020 All Terrain beacons to show actual steering corrections during drilling, which makes it easier to guide the drilling head.” “Because the JT3020 All Terrain transfers power to the bit mechanically – as opposed to the mud motor utilised by other HDD systems – it requires relatively little drilling fluid and therefore reduces jobsite cleanup time and expense.” Another feature to enhance productivity is cruise control, for pilot boring and back reaming, which reduces operator fatigue. Also notable is the JT3020 All Terrain’s low-maintenance, open-top vice wrenches which are angled towards the operator, providing a good view of the tool joint.

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