Demand for Duratough growing

The Duratough ETSM L5S and DTUG E4 tyres have been tested by major contractors in underground and surface mining.Bearcat business development manager Glen Wolfenden told CIN the company was receiving many enquiries from contractors for special application tyres, which are harder to come by.“The ability of Bearcat Tyres and Duratough to work closely with minesite managers and operators as well as conduct underground site inspections has greatly advanced the improvements in the tyres to achieve the level of desired performance,” Wolfenden said.“Initially we started to have issues with our test tyres at the 300-hour mark, but we have worked tirelessly with engineers to transfer the data and testing back into tyre development to produce tyres that are now in service approaching close to 2000 hours in the same job.“We are now able to supply tyres with greater knowledge and offer tyres in various compounds to better suit the application.”Wolfenden said Bearcat was releasing Duratough large and ultra-large off-the-road wheels next year. The new wheels will complement the existing range of associated tyre products such as tyre flat proofing, tyre sealants and tyre management programs.Contractors who want to trial Duratough tyres need to contact Bearcat as increasing demand is stretching the company’s current supply, Wolfenden said.

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