Deere strengthens remanufacturing capability

ReGen was founded in 1998 to remanufacture engines for John Deere products in the US and Canada and has broadened its product line since then to include other engine components, fuel injection systems, starters, alternators, air conditioning components and other key parts for John Deere customers of agricultural, construction and forestry equipment around the world. Deere said in a statement the full acquisition would mean operations would be more fully integrated with its existing remanufacturing operations in Edmonton, Canada and the overall name of the business would be John Deere Reman. “We aspire to an enhanced leadership position in the remanufacturing business,” said Barry Schaffter, senior vice-president of manufacturing in Deere’s Construction & Forestry division. “ReGen has delivered impressive business results through a dedication to quality and ingenuity.”Schaffter said the remanufacturing business was important to Deere because of the environmental benefit that comes from recycling components of heavy equipment. Financial details of the transaction were not released.

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