Dam big project needs tough mixers

By the time it is complete, the 140m-high dam will require around 4.5 million cubic metres of cooled concrete. The extreme tropical climatic conditions at the project site place special demands on concrete and plant technology.The four Liebherr Betomix 4.5 B-R/DW concrete mixing plants ensure an output of up to 720cu.m of cooled concrete per hour onsite. Liebherr says the robust DW 4.5 twin shaft mixers are particularly suitable for guaranteeing the necessary high concrete quality and even consistency.The Son-La barrage is being constructed as a roller compacted concrete dam with rolled concrete gravity dam walls. The cooled concrete from the mixing plants is transported to the building site via a high-speed conveyor belt.The moving discharge fills the concrete into large dumpers which take the concrete to where it is needed. The concrete is levelled using dozers and compacted with rollers. The concrete has a relatively stiff consistency and is layered and compacted lengthwise.

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