Curved, not compromised

“The new boom design makes the machine easier to move between jobsites, thanks to its reduced transport height and width,” New Holland product manager, Thompson, said. “It’s a very valuable feature, particularly for companies working across different sites, or councils that frequently move between locations or work around low-hanging trees.”“The curved backhoe boom and larger dipper cylinder, along with a new backhoe bucket shape, give an improved backhoe digging performance, in addition to reducing the transport height.”The B110B also features the latest New Holland Tier 3 engine. “The new generation common rail engine guarantees that fuel is injected into the cylinders at very high pressure, and the volume of fuel is electronically controlled so that the right amount is injected at exactly the right moment,” Thompson said. “Intake air is provided by the high-efficiency turbo and intercooler system. This technology helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions as well as considerably improving mid-range torque.”A new feature is a deceleration button, which when pushed, returns the engine to idle. Pushing it again returns the engine to the previous setting. Using the deceleration button can help reduce fuel consumption during stop-start, Thompson said.

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