Cranesafe powers on: Gillespie

“When you consider the humble beginnings of CraneSafe was only in 2002, we never expected to achieve over 4000 assessments in a calendar year in 2008,” Gillespie told CICA’s annual general meeting. “But we are fast approaching that target.“Overall growth this year is over 25 per cent, compared to last year. All states are showing significant growth, especially Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. And we have not been sitting back and basking in the glory.“We have expanded CraneSafe and we now have 15 different assessment reports up and running. The expansion has been driven by client demand and has received warm support by most in the industry including government authorities.”Gillespie acknowledged the contribution of CICA director Jeff Brundell. “Jeff must, on some days, regret retiring,” he said. Gillespie said the new 2008 Crane Safety Manual had been printed and distributed to all state associations for sale.

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