Chain sling choices expanding

Items such as double-latch hooks, swivel eye bolts and bottom lifters for containers are designed to give the end user more options and improved safety by reducing the temptation to climb onto the top of shipping containers, or use hooks that may be loaded sideways.The availability of all these new pieces of rigging equipment can introduce some confusion, however. In companies making the transition from Grade 80 to Grade 100, all staff, from riggers through to supervisors, needs to be kept aware of the gear being used and its limitations.Swedish manufacturer Gunnebo Industries has established one of its I Business Centres in Sydney, joining other IBCs in Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Tulsa, Johannesburg and Dubai. The centres are designed to provide clients and Gunnebo staff with training and information, and also to keep the company’s product developers informed about local expectations.Gunnebo says there are four key elements to each business centre: customer service, a logistical centre, a training centre and a testing centre. The company says its testing process includes 100% proof loading of all components and chain links at manufacture. Another key strength is a traceability system that makes it possible to trace its products all the way back to the raw material. Gunnebo Industries Australasia managing director Mattias Lofqvist said most training sessions were held in the field in conjunction with distributors. He said Gunnebo responded rapidly to any concerns or incidents involving the use of its lifting products. Gunnebo manufactures all products needed in a chain sling – master links, chain, couplers and hooks – which minimises the risk of integration problems.The grade 100 system, GrabiQ, includes a wide range of chain and components for slings up to a working load limit of 28 tonnes. The system includes a new concept called FlexiLeg, which allows instant leg shortening, and safe and efficient onsite configuration of the sling.Gunnebo’s new safety hook, called BKD, provides an interesting new safety feature: a double latch for harsh environments. An extra inward-opening latch has been added to the standard self-locking hook. The new inward-opening latch works in the same way as a dual braking system in a car and prevents the hook from releasing the load by mistake.

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