CHAIN MAIL: Transport company brings the drinks with six new Hinos

The distances between stops for the Schweppes trucks will vary from 500m up to 6km. “We experience very little vehicle downtime, apart from scheduled services, which is very important in today’s competitive environment,” said Cameron Group managing director Glen Cameron. The group was initially set up by Glen Cameron in 1975.“Whole-of-life costs, parts availability, driver comfort and vehicle acceptance have all been important reasons why Camerons has supported Hino.”Since its inception, the company has become a multi-million dollar national logistics operation, with over 70,000 square metres of warehouse space and a fleet of around 350 company owned vehicles, as well as 200 subcontractors. “The feedback from our maintenance staff is that Hinos are very well-built vehicles and are easy to service and maintain,” said Cameron. “Servicing costs are reasonable compared to other makes, and when repairs are required the accessibility to make these repairs keeps the downtime to a minimum.“After-sales service has been very good, and the staff at Hino have been very helpful and professional.”Cameron said the new Hino trucks had been well received by the group’s drivers.

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