CHAIN MAIL: Toyota ute clocks up milestone on Autogas

Melbourne courier Mike Rowe, who works for the Golden Messenger company, picked up the 1991 Toyota HiLux 16 years ago and he says that even though the engine is now starting to show a little wear, he hasn’t yet had to carry out any major repairs on it.“I actually watched the odometer clock over to one million kays, and when that happened I got out and gave the ute a little pat,” he said.Golden Messenger managing director Graham Schorer says since 1974 his entire fleet of more than 50 courier vehicles have been Autogas-powered. “We speak very highly of Autogas because it is mechanically kinder to the whole vehicle,” he said.Schorer said that once the Autogas is properly installed and maintained then it is a fantastic product.According to LPG Australia, Autogas reduces engine wear, enhancing the reliability of used liquefied petroleum gas-powered motor vehicles. “Autogas does not wash the protective lubricant from cylinder walls and significantly reduces the build-up of carbon on internal engine components,” LPG Australia technical manager Peter Linahan said. In addition, in cold starting, the vehicle does not require a choke cycle to warm up. “As a result Autogas-powered vehicles require fewer oil and filter changes, have longer exhaust system life and cleaner spark plugs that require replacement less often,” Linahan said.Golden’s Graham Schorer said that the reduction in engine maintenance costs add to the big savings in fuel costs. “With the money we save on fuel by using Autogas we can replace the whole vehicle in just six years if we want to,” he said.

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