waste heat

Making the most of waste heat using heat exchangers

Many industrial processes require energy, but only a portion of that energy input is used for each operation such as pasteurisation or evaporation. Unused energy is wasted, often passing to the environment as hot gas or liquid. However, by using heat exchangers, it is possible to recapture most of this untapped energy through waste heat regeneration. Read More

Komatsu Forest releases new PC270LL and PC300LL log loader

Komatsu Forest has long thought the value of hydraulic excavators for forest/timber applications had not met its true potential. Especially the Komatsu excavators with their compensated load sense hydraulic systems, which are suitable for many different forest applications. This led to a close association with New Zealand companies EMS and Active Engineering with them suppling guarding packages, certified Forest Cabs, as well as high/wide undercarriages and modified booms to suit various timber/loading applications.

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State-of-the-art waste equipment

Eriez, a provider of magnetic separation equipment, offers a range of solutions tailored to meet tough challenges in the recycling industry. Innovative products from Eriez include eddy current separators and suspended magnets, available in both permanent and electromagnetic designs. These units improve operational efficiency, ensure product purity, and offer maximum product recovery.  Read More

Why plastic piping is great for recycling

Plastic piping has transformed the way we live, delivering essential services and utilities to our homes and communities. With the increased focus on reducing our environmental footprint and transitioning from a lineal to a circular economy, plastic pipes have many advantages over alternative materials and are becoming preferred material of choice to replace and upgrade pipes throughout the world.   Read More