Turbo Separator ideal for difficult waste streams

Separating different waste streams has come a long way since manual extraction was the method of choice – not that there were many options available. Commercial magnetic separation first began in the 1860s when brass was separated from iron. The world’s first eddy current separator is said to have been developed by the Bird Group in the UK in 1981. In the 1930s, optical separation was in its infancy, being used in the agricultural sector to separate fruits and vegetables. It wasn’t until the 1990s that it was being used in the waste industry on an array of products. Read More

Scipher commissions multi-sensor sorter for difficult plastic stream

Separating and recovering fractions from hard plastics contained in e-waste to commodity grade is no easy task. However, one company is working on a solution that can help make what has been considered by some, a troublesome waste stream, into reusable raw material. Chris Sayers is the chief executive officer at Scipher Technologies, a company that believes in the circular economy and is willing to invest in advanced machinery and unique process engineering that will help make sure it plays its role in making it a reality. Read More