Heavy duty compression with X50 baler

Waste management has many issues facing it, making innovative equipment and technological solutions more crucial than ever. In pursuit of creating a sustainable waste management system, Wastech Engineering presents a tool that transforms a waste operation, the X50 vertical baler. Read More

UniSort Black creates pure product for processing facility operators

In Australia, demand for advanced sorting technologies in the green waste compost industry is on the rise. Guidelines, such as the Australian Standard 4454, help drive the nation’s commitment towards sustainable waste management practices. Then there are initiatives such as the implementation of FOGO bins (Food and Garden Organics), which means the need for effective automated sorting solutions has never been more crucial – like the UniSort Black. Read More

Ultrascrub transforms waste into a valuable resource

Demand for recycled aggregate is increasing as the construction industry trends toward more sustainable construction practices. To help producers meet this demand, the McLanahan UltraSCRUB modular scrubbing plant offers a packaged solution for producing clean, recycled coarse aggregate from a C&D debris stream.  Read More

Eriez to the fore with drum separators

Magnetic drum separators are essential tools for efficiently removing unwanted iron particles from large volumes of materials and for recovering valuable metals. Eriez offers these a series of separators in a range of sizes in its drum line, from 36 to 84 inches in diameter and 36 to 96 inches wide, making them customisable for many recycling operations. Read More

ESS-300 has optimum shredding ability

Wastech Engineering upholds its mission to be a contributor to the nation’s circular economy. The company solves waste management problems through innovative and technological solutions driven by the goal of environmental sustainability. Enter the McCloskey Environmental Track Shredder ESS-300. Read More