Busway’s big lifting program

A significant part of this construction is an elevated busway station at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. The location of the busway along Bowen Bridge Road is constrained by existing road and rail infrastructure and access restrictions. As a result the busway is cantilevered over the footpath and part of the inside road lane, with 5.5-6.0m clearance beneath it.As would be expected with an elevated structure, the project has significant craneage requirements that are being serviced by Williams Cranes & Rigging for daily support work and LCR Lindores for major lifts. Abigroup also has its own Frannas working on the project.At different times Williams has a 13-tonne Kato city crane, 25t Franna MAC-25, a 30t Zoomlion QY30V truck crane, a 55t Tadano GT550E truck crane, 55t Demag AC55 all terrain crane and a 100t Demag AC100/4 all terrain crane working on the job unloading trucks, placing and stripping formwork, handling and placing reinforcing cages, moving concrete road barriers and providing general lifting services for both day and night shifts. Williams has also provided some of the transport requirements, such as movement of reinforcing cages. The Kato is currently working from the elevated bus station slab.Because much of the work fronts the busy Bowen Bridge Road, anything requiring more than the existing single bus lane closure is done between 9pm and 5am. LCR Lindores has had its 350t capacity Demag AC350 doing much of the lifting of the SuperTee girders used in most spans. Typically these girders are 1500mm deep and in the 50-65t range.At the time of writing the Inner City Bypass was closed for a full Sunday until 5am the following day to allow 16 girders, 36-38m long and weighing up to 65t, to be placed across it. A dual lift using the AC350 and a 300t all terrain crane is planned for placing these beams. A rail line closure is planned to allow beams to be placed across the railway, and further major lift activities include the crossing of Herston Road and Butterfield Street, on either side of the hospital.

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